Abstracts should be 400 words or less and must be submitted as a word document. In addition to the abstract, the author should include their intended word count for the article and an approximation of the number of images to be used if possible. If there is already a full draft of the article, please include it when you submit the abstract.

Prospective images should be included with the submission if possible. All images must be saved as .jpg files and be smaller than 200 kb. These images should be included in the word document below the text. All files must be submitted to in a single zip folder. Label all documents as follows:

Abstract: First-Name_Last-Name_Abstract.doc
First Draft: First-Name_Last-Name_1st-Draft.doc [optional]
Image 1: First-Name_Last-Name_Image_0001.jpg
Image #: First-Name_Last-Name_Image_000#.jpg